The Ballad of Edgar

Written by CJ Burkey.

Updated: 2017-02-22

Edgar the Moose was a tough crime fighting cop.

No matter what stood in his way, he would not stop.

He had been chasing Jarrell, who robbed a bank.

He would have him surely locked up in the tank.

He could never catch him because of his speed.

One afternoon he saw Jarrell on his feed.

He would finally have him caught in the act.

He rushed to the bank and stopped him in his tracks.

He finally had him held up at hoof-point

Edgar was so excited that he became weak at the joints.

He took one look at Jarrell's pile of cash.

He thought to himself that he should take it and dash.

Money in hoof, he flew through the double doors.

His life would now not be such a bore anymore.

He heard the sirens screeching as he ran away.

In the city, he knew he would not be able to stay.

His brown fur blended with the fall leaves.

His letter of resignation is what the office would soon receive.

It wasn't until later that he learned that a moose can't buy.

But he wouldn't give all his money to the other bad guy.