The Car

Written by CJ Burkey.

Updated: 2017-02-22

The red dials rotated rapidly as the engine roared

The steering wheel's shaking was no match for the driver's control

The world behind seen as a blur of green and blue

The back wheels of the car ahead lost their grip

The huge cloud of dust hid the car

But soon it could be seen again

The deep blue hood shined with the sun's light

Releasing to the world its truly blue colors

On the dashboard many more dials could be found

Some rotated and jiggled randomly nonstop

Others slowly inched up and down

A turn ahead grew closer

As the turn became larger in the windshield

The speedometer steadily dropped

The driver pulled on the wheel

Forcing it to the left further and further

Until, finally, the straight road ahead welcomed him

The sound of gravel and dirt ripping into tires was ever present

The cool air out of the vents in front

Cooled the driver's quick brain

His hands tightened on the wheel, readying for the next turn

The tree ahead mocked him

It told him to quit, to stop

He would show that tree, he would show everyone