Written by CJ Burkey.

Updated: 2017-02-22

In the factory,

The workers ran through the tunnels.

They were dodging others,

While carrying dirt on their backs.

As the workers ran down the tunnels,

The light from the sky was visible.

Carrying dirt on their backs,

They worked their way out.

The light of the sky was above them,

They were out in the open,

They worked their way around,

On top of the giant dirt pile.

They were out in the open,

Fearing the worst,

On top of the dirt pile,

Knowing not where to go.

They feared the worst,

Stuck in the mound,

Not knowing where to go.

They saw the dark entrance, happy as could be.

Free from the mound,

Cheering to themselves,

Knowing exactly where to go,

They climbed back into the tunnels they knew as home.

Cheering all the way down,

In the factory,

They ran through the tunnels, knowing them well,

The workers swarmed the tunnels, only to do it all again.