Ode to the Eraser

O, thou fine eraser, with your bright white color, shalt thou protect me from the mistakes which I have made? Remove the errors which would haunt me forever, glowing red in my mind, the melting pot...


In the factory, The workers ran through the tunnels. They were dodging others, While carrying dirt on their backs. As the workers ran down the tunnels, The light from the sky was visible. ...

The Doors

When that you come to three doors ahead, The door you choose is which? The first is blue with a white cross, The doorknob green like moss. Where it'll take you's a mystery for all, Will...

The Car

The red dials rotated rapidly as the engine roared The steering wheel's shaking was no match for the driver's control The world behind seen as a blur of green and blue The back wheels of the ...

The Ballad of Edgar

Edgar the Moose was a tough crime fighting cop. No matter what stood in his way, he would not stop. He had been chasing Jarrell, who robbed a bank. He would have him surely locked up in the t...